Celebrate the ones you love.

Dopls are true-to-life miniatures of you and those you love. They capture the very essence of how you look and feel in the moments you want to remember most.  Book your session today.

a couple holding pool toys.
a girl holding her dog.

Memories to hold on to.

Dopls are so much more than a photograph.  They are an expression of our life’s loves and passions made for the 21st century.  Dopls fill your home with joy, and share our personality and inspirations.

A moment that will last forever.

Our true-to-life miniatures start with a full body 360° image capture and are created from a 3D printing process in our production studio in Brooklyn, NY.  Pick them up and feel the craftsmanship. Dopls are designed to be enjoyed.

Three different cake toppers of different couples.

Share your story with a Dopl.

Dopls come in all shapes and sizes, like you and me.

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a picture of a mom, dad, son and daughter


The family portrait is a time-honored tradition. With Dopls, that tradition comes to life. Add a Dopl with each new addition to the family.

a girl posing with her dog.


Dopls aren't just for people. We create detailed miniatures of even the furriest members of your family. 

two brothers dressed as super heroes and their sister in a dress.


They grow up so fast. Keep them as they are today forever. Dopls are the perfect way to remember these precious years.

woman holding a skateboard and a man in a hockey jersey

Reordering made simple.

Looking for additional replicas of your Dopl? Access your account to view all past scans and reorder anytime you’d like.  Send family and friends a replica of a Dopl for the most unique holiday gift ever.  You can even scale up or down.

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